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When Metal Meets Art

Say NO to flimsy paper, plastic, or cheap aluminum wind spinners that break after a week! Our metal wind spinners made of 100% stainless steel, laser cut with high quality powder coating to endure any weather conditions such as snow, winds or strong sun.
i-Spin wind spinners can sustain the harshest of conditions, while still maintaining the beauty and charm that make them so unique.
We put our product through rigorous testing in order to make sure it will last for many years to come.
You can be assured that our tested pieces will last through endless seasons, regardless any weather conditions.

Inside & Outside Decoration 

Hang your metal wind spinners outside at the garden, patio or your gazebo and let them spin by the wind. Even a small breeze will keep them spinning! 
You can also hang your wind spinners inside the house and connect them to a battery or electric motor for a consistent spin!

Mix & Match

Our wind spinners sold separately and each one has a hole on top and bottom, so you could easily connect 2-3 small & large spinners together and make yourself a unique set! 
Nature lover? pick the sun wind spinner and connect it to the dolphin wind spinner or an animated butterfly wind spinner with colors that pop.
Add a nice Tail at the bottom of your set to add an extra element of optical illusion and flair. The tail will also keep your set balanced at very windy places. 

The Perfect Gift

Tired of buying another sweater, perfume or a gift card for your loved ones? We are here for you! 
Wind spinners make a unique gift for a person who has everything. Get the love heart wind spinner for your Valentines lover, or a nice music note wind spinner for your musician friend.
i-Spin metal wind spinners fold flat for easy packaging & shipping! Learn More

Glow In The Dark

This is the best part of i-Spin wind spinners: THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!

Our wind spinners reflect the moon light, street light or any other small light in your room, so you can enjoy them even at night time.
(Silver & Copper colors reflect more than other colors)

About i-Spin

Based in California USA with more than 12 years of global experience in the industry, we make the best metal wind spinners for your home and garden! 

Here at i-Spin, we are willing to do whatever we can to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
We would like to form long term relationships with our customers, so when you think wind spinner, you think i-Spin. We know the only way to do that is to provide exemplary customer service.

If you ever need to reach us for any reason, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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